talpasolutions leverages its strategic partners’ expertise to jointly develop products that solve industry pain points and enable new data-driven business models and revenue sources. This industry-partnership approach to building software ensures that applications are relevant and provide quantifiable value to end customers. Approaching with full awareness the challenges of today’s data management will minimize expenditure of time as well as effort while maximizing data utilization and attaining the highest possible return on investment.
We focus on outcomes
Such traditional industries already have a wealth of untapped data. The key to success is finding an agile, innovative partner that brings the necessary digital expertise combined with domain know-how and co-creates solutions with the tangible, measurable and real-world added value.

Ultimately, the synergy between data expertise and industry expertise will drive great impact to your business. We help your organization recognize what your most useful data is telling you and thereby effectively predict the future by transforming messy, unstructured data into insights that compel to quick and intelligent actions which increase productivity and enterprise efficiency while enhancing safety.

We believe that predictive analytics is becoming a critical success factor with far-reaching implications for an organization’s optimization, or even for its survival. Our industry-partnership approach to building software ensures that applications are relevant and provide quantifiable value to end customers and empower you to capture market opportunities in real-time.
Collaborative transformation is the way to make digitalization partnerships truly impactful. In this model, digital expertise meets deep industry experience. Partners co-create real-world solutions at every step of the innovation journey. This brings players from multiple industries and areas of expertise together and allows you and your partners to innovate across a shared ecosystem and align solutions to real-world problems – faster, with measurable impact and greater sustainability than ever before.

Mining involves highly complex processes which depend on in-depth expertise, hard-won over many decades. To fully leverage digital solutions, expertise and industry knowledge must be integrated end to end. That is the only way to create analytics solutions that fit seamlessly into real-world work flows. From the start, our software is designed to meet true pain points of end-users, by integrating their input at every step of the journey. Even conservative industries such as mining can be cutting-edge and digital. In fact, they must be. But that means taking data and analytics to the next level.
Collaborative Transformation